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1. The Space Elevator.

The idea here is too enable visiting  different map types on one game profile. This is acheived by taking the space elevator to a space station and drop podding to a new area. You would also share resources between maps by loading the resources into the elevator (via conveyor) and setting where it goes and what rate per minute it delivers around to other maps. This would mean a few things gameplay wise: first, you get to enjoy starting new factories but with all tech from the get go. Secondly you get to explore the varied map types. Lastly just to make things simple: when you have built another space elevator you can basically just fast travel between them (maybe multiple per map? Although i admit a flying vehicle would be more fun for exploration purposes). Bonus idea time! what if each map has its own unique resources like Anno?

2. The Smart/Programmable Splitter

Currently splitters seperate their output evenly. For the sake of simplicity I will pretend splitters only have two outputs in the example below. The example; two items go in to one input and one item comes out the left and one on the right evenly (repeated infinitley). It would be a boon to my spaghetti factory if I could tell the splitter to have two items split left and then let an item go right. I cant quite put into words why this would be so useful to me and I dont want to bore anyone more than I already definetly am, so I will leave it at that.

Other small ideas:

(2) 1. Two body slots

Pretty simple. Unlockable as a tech. Lets you jet pack and blade run at same time. So fun.

(2) 2. Inspect animation.

This ones a little iffy cause it probably comes from playing to much cs:go but being able to press a button to start an animation (perhaps the ones that play when you equip an item for the first time) would be the best because the animation in this game is just that good I wanna see it as many times as my inner child's heart desires.

That's it! Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!
1. There is only one map with 3 different starting locations.

2. Has been asked for many, many times. Click on your splitters tag to find some of them and upvote them.

(2) 1. Also asked for many times.
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