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This is, in a basic form, a RE-visit of power threads already made. HOWEVER, this suggestion is different in a form I believe to be more balanced for the purposes of satisfactory.

Wireless power, though not a limited or overly open suggestion.

1) Make Tesla wireless towers as an add-on to nuclear power (when nuclear is available). (as a secondary thought, this system could be a stand alone add-on for later space elevator unlocks. Though, I think using it as an add-on to existing nuclear silos makes more sense)

Each wireless tower will have a power fall off due to wireless transmission in 2 steps. First is the very nature of producing power over a wireless "signal". Secondly, with a graphed power drop off rate based on distance.

2) This brings us to part 2 : Booster poles. A booster pole boosts the signal and acts in place of SOME wired poles. Distance can be further incrementalized based on design (Mk1, Mk2, etc). You could possibly even program in a power interference with wireless power where having too many wireless devices and booster poles REDUCES power output as a balancing step which would force players to have to "think" designs including wireless power through before randomly placing them everywhere.

3) To further make the wireless design more in tune with the nature of the game, revisit the biomass indoor grow farm idea, only for slugs and/or spheres etc. as a necessity for the wireless system to operate. In essence, make grow pods you need slugs in to produce power dust (or something of that nature) which must be fed into the wireless transmission towers to boost power enough to be wireless. You can then use the slug powder as a basis for the power output (no slugs can be put into the wireless tower system) by grading the dust based on green, yellow, purple which coincide with Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 output. then you can have total output based on :

A) Power input form Nuclear silo

B) Slug booster "powder" (the powder makes for a system where you have to have the powder like a fuel source while also giving a static rather than dynamic power output). Furthermore, the more power is drawn from the system, the more "dust" you use, and faster, the same as power currently is managed based on the same power curves already in the game.

C) Distance of machines from wireless output source


D) upgrade system for machines through space elevator/Hub to unlock wireless receivers on machines. In keeping with current upgrade meta of the game, make wireless receivers automatic by clicking a wireless booster/tower and 'connecting' power the same way as with current poles/wires. This creates a snap in graphic of a wireless (whatever) where the current power connector is on machines.

(sub note... I have thought about snap ins on power poles themselves, but I am not sure about mixing the 2 technologies. I guess that would depend on viability, and if the DEV's would want that. I worry about implementing a system of mixed tech like this and creating a game imbalance.)

In the way I have described, you have to create wireless power through the way satisfactory is designed as a game, not just a bi-pass of hard work (i.e. placing power poles, then lines, etc). I do not believe that wireless power should be 1) early game, nor 2) a easy, simple, nor bi-pass of the game. Doing anything less than I have suggested makes the game lesser than it should be. Half the fun of satisfactory is building things, tuning them, and getting things to work properly. wireless power should be work to get right. I also do not see another way that wireless power, if considered, would be implemented without removing balance from the game.

Lastly, I would like to hear some feedback on this idea to potentially balance it further, if not gain positive feedback on how it COULD be properly implemented in the game, if at all. Wireless power is tricky, in my opinion, to get right based on how satisfactory is designed. Wireless power, if done right (and if implemented) could potentially lead into wireless powered vehicles for a different method of automated transport. again, without unbalancing the game.
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Wireless power has been suggested multiple times and the majority of the suggestions are heavily downvoted. It would appear this is not what the majority of the community wants.
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I recently built a power grid across the map. I expected it to be a pain but it was actually pretty fun. As an electrical engineer, I do wish there was more to it; that the bigger power poles would carry more power or cross bigger distances. It seems counter-intuitive to use the smaller poles to go between my power generation and my factories. I think you are touching on an area of the game that could really use improvement, but I do NOT think that wireless is the answer.
You have made a really cool and elaborate outline here but it necessitates huge inefficiencies in factories and thats a dirty word in games like this.
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I simply thought I would toss out the suggestion. Worth a try none the less. I appreciate the input.

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Completely useless idea !

Soon power wall will be added witch will make power poles obsolete in factories as the power will be distributed trough foundations and walls.
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To be fully honest, I am rather saddened by the negativity surrounding wireless power transmission. Satisfactory is a futuristic game which brings you however many light years from "earth" to the galaxy and planet satisfactory takes place on. One would think wireless transmission was available from such an advanced civilization.

If done correctly, and in balance, wireless power could be done. However, it seems as if wireless anything sends ripples of "OMG NOOOOOO" into the universe. I am completely unsure why. However, I respect these views.
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