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Hi im quite active on the discord and especially the questions and help section.

I noticed that a lot of people are asking about how to get explosives, supercomputers, the explorer, etc. Tons of people dont realise the importance of the MAM because the game does not emphasize the amount of uses it has and how you need it to progress in the game.

Maybe add a notification on the HUD that says when there is something you could research and make sure to inform people that you need the MAM.
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Got it.  "It works for me so it should work for everybody.  If not, it's their fault and screw 'em."
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comment to TrialByWombat:  in a completed game I would agree with you, and if they wanted you to not have to discover it I would agree with you, but this is early access incomplete game and most of the things they are asking for aren't meant to be obvious you are meant to explore and discover.
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The MAM interface requires some tweaking.

Having to scroll past all those items already researched is a pain.
Requiring that an item is in your personal inventory before it will appear as a researchable item is a bit obtuse.

Perhaps after you pick up an item (and until you have actually done the research) there should be a hint in the mouseover description of the item to the effect of "Researching this item is imperative to FICSIT progression."
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Kelsey: Agreed hate scrolling past all the "complete" ones, it needs to show it researchable if it's been picked up even if it's not in inventory but I thought it already did that guess I've always had it in my inventory :) but then again I'm a bit of a hoarder.
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IT seems to be the trigger to let it show up for the first time.  Once it's there then it'll remain there.

There were a lot of people who had no idea how to start the sulphur or quartz tech trees as a result of this "feature".
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