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Heya! Found a whole area with these cool invisible plants.

(in this case on the western edge of the red bamboo fields, I've seen them before somewhere else, can't remember where)

I've sent a bug report in-game as well, that way they get the location coordinate, right?

Invisible plants

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Yes, the in-game bug reporting tool sends you exact player coordinates and is usually the best way to report map related bugs. That part of the map is also a work in progress, slated to be used as a late-game area and as such a lot of the LOD distances on environmental items haven't been tweaked/fixed yet.
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thanks for the quick reply! But I'm thinking: the plants there are the same (or at least their shape was the same) as plants on the rest of the island. Don't all those plants share the same LOD properties close-by and far away?
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Logically that makes sense, I believe however the LOD distance is also controlled by environmental effects. You'll notice as you switch biomes there are different effects such as fog, reduced light, etc, and I believe that is what's happening in this area. You'll notice that a lot of plants in that specific biome will flicker in and out at certain distances/angles as opposed to the rest of the world.
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