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So I'm really loving the game, I've spent an alarming number of hours playing it over the past two weeks and have to say it's quite unique and a ton of fun. Finding resources is fun, exploring is fun, building miners and constructors and conveyor belts and multi-level factories is fun, optimizing production is fun, all those key gameplay elements are excellent. But one thing that really sucks is moving resources around.

- If I'm refactoring my factory and need to move all the resources from one container to another, the fastest way I've found to do so is construct 2 personal storage boxes, drop all my current inventory in them, get the resources from container A, run over to container B, dump my resources, come back and pick up my inventory. If the player character had an infinite inventory, I could just pickup all the resources from container A and dump them in container B without these really dull and repetitive steps in between.

- If I'm laying a ton of foundation and I run out of bricks, I have to run to my brick storage, fill my inventory with bricks, and come back to resume building. If I run out again, I have to go back, collect more bricks from the inventory... You see how the fun part of building gets interrupted by the not fun part of fetch bricks? Building is fun, fetching isn't. If the player character had infinite inventory, I could just pick up ALL the bricks I've built and build uninterrupted.

- If I'm exploring for 20 minutes, and discover a cool new place I want to build a factory, but don't have enough resources to build everything I want, I need to run 20 minutes back to base, gather supplies, come back, build, and pray I have enough so I don't have to make another 20 min round trip. If I had infinite inventory space on my person, I could just gather all the resources I have before embarking on a journey.

- Imagine how much slower and less fun StarCraft or Age of Empires would be if all the resources you collected had to be moved individually instead of just being added to your global stockpile?

Even with an infinite inventory, a lot of the fun puzzles and problems of the game would remain: automating resource transportation for factory consumption, building all the fun conveyor belts, exploring and finding new resources. I'm not asking to make infinite personal inventory the norm, I'm sure many players will disagree with me, but please add it as an option so players like me don't have to waste time on mundane resource fetching and can instead just focus on what makes the game great and fun.

Thanks for listening to my rant.
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I understand your frustrations, but I don't think your suggestion is a viable solution to them. The biggest problem with this is that it would completely negate the need to build storage ever, as anything you have would be in your inventory. You could just sort your inventory so there would be no need for storage containers to sort items.
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"there would be no need for storage containers to sort items" I think you hit the nail on the head. Building storage containers and sorting items is not fun, it's boring and mundane (for me at least).
Storage containers would still be useful to buffer resource production in your factory and store production output. My idea is that constructed items don't magically go into your infinite  personal inventory, you would still need to pick them up.
You can already move any number of resources from one place to another, it just takes time. I can move 400,000 items across the map and put them into storage boxes if I want, but I'll need to make many, many trips to make it happen. If my personal inventory was infinite, I could do it in a single trip.
I'm not suggesting the game be designed around this idea, I would just like it to be an option or a cheat code for players like me who feel like the really fun parts of the game may not be worth it because of all the busy work shuffling resources around.

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I think resource management makes for an interesting part of this game. If you go exploring you could consider going by truck, explorer or tractor in order to have an extended inventory inside the truck, allowing you to bring more items.
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