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I am a huge fan of this game, I love a lot about it, but some things to consider.

  1. IPM (Items Per Min): Belt IPM go 60, 120, 270, 450, 660, 900. I would suggest making it a base system of N*2; the IPMs being either 60, 120, 180, 240, 360 or 60, 120, 240, 480, 960. Keep things in a base system so we can build layouts that work at all tiers, if things are changing by random values it makes things more messy than necessary. Everything flows from the IPM of belts, the ratios of everything comes from these numbers.

  2. IPM Assemblers: The input for some recieptes are odd, again the ratios come from the belts so why would you ever have something that requires 132 IPM, 135 IPM I would understand becasue of the 270 IPM belt, but their are ratios around screw and other item production that need to be worked at.

  3. Tier 2 belts: To put it simply, they cost way too much compared with the other belts, it is a 100% IPM increase but comes out to be a 600% increase in cost (Which really is more to do with reinforced iron plates being too expensive/slow.) Tier 3 belts are way more economical to the point where they might need a price INCREASE**,** coming out at 4.5 iron and 4.5 coal, a 25% DECREASE in cost for a 225% increased ITP over Tier 2 belt. A realistic change I could see would be to either increase the amount of reinforced plates given per crafting from 1 to 2, or decrease the cost and time in half, either way you double the amount you get which drastically makes the reinforced plates less bad.

  4. Blueprints: I imagine a tool where you scan (similar to the deconstruction tool) individual parts that add them to a blueprint and highlight them until you finish the blueprint. Setting up the same layouts over and over with a ton of assemblers and belts can be a real turn off, look at Factorio and how useful blueprints can be.

  5. Sizing: The size of somethings are odd, like 2 constructors and a assembler don't fit perfectly together. This one is more my own like for tight fits than an actual issue, just saying it is really annoying to have to off set things by a few tiles because 2 constructors are wider than one assembler. Also I am sure you are working on this but the hitboxes for the tops of assemblers and constructors are really blocky, if you try running belt close to them it says you are encroaching even if you aren’t touching anything.

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My two penn'orth:
1 & 2 - I can't get too worked up about these.
3 - I would agree - I tend to skip tier 2 belts and go on to tier 3 asap
4 - Sounds useful (you should up-vote one of the many, many other posts on this)
5 - Again - I can't really get worked up about this.

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