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OK so I see a few ideas out there for endgame goals. I want to post my own Idea for it which is similar to others but slightly different.

I think it would be great to give us a score building that we can attach to the end of our lines that simply receives / destroy products but calculates all received products at what rates and uses that information to calculate a total score. The score could be based on 2 things efficiency and production rate. Higher end / more complex recipes are worth more than lower end / base level materials. Then people can compete by growing their factories, being more efficient and producing better materials faster and then at the end of their lines they attach these score calculators that just receive these products and it adds to their total score. That way people can compete on how big / efficient they can make their factories.
You seem to have gotten a lot of downvotes here, so let me see if I can comment my views instead of contributing to the spam. While this would be a way to create an end goal to the game, it seems forced, and largely unnecessary. The whole point of this game is to keep expanding, and it's a big part of what makes the game fun, but some arbitrary score system doesn't seem to improve on that. Honestly, rather than being an incentive to keep expanding, I think that score system would make me more likely to stop playing the game just because of the way it sounds. I won't say that this isn't a valid option, but I don't think it's necessary and I doubt CoffeeStain is going to create a system like this.
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Right now with no end game I'm just looking for anything to help push along the idea of competitive play. My friends and I play but it seems everyone's arbitrary competition numbers are MW produced / consumed. You could over clock a bunch of refineries and blast your MW up. that's not really an indication of how much you are producing or how efficient your factory is. I know these guys will never implement a PVP system because that's a sure way to kill your game. They'll spend the rest of their dev cycles forever balancing stupid PVP stuff at the cost of everyone else's enjoyment. I'm OK with that not happening. I'd still like a way to compete with my friends with our factories. I'm not saying this is the perfect solution but it's better than what we've got which is currently nothing. And not everyone has to compete. Score boards give people who like competitive play something to shoot for. There are plenty of people out there who don't give a crap about where they fall on a score board, it's up to the player. These devices could be used, if you want to compete. And hell it could easily just be something in the background that analyzes your entire factory and gives it a score. Whatever it may be.
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I like this Idea and believe it could provide an endgame use for the space elevator. It already has the conveyor inputs for this. I don't believe that this should be the sole endgame goal\ infinite mode but I think that it would be one good possibility.
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