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  1. Add an ability to snap to an existing belt or pole easier for vertical belts, ctrl+Shift or something for vertical alignment or add a snap to object option where you ctrl click an object and then while having a new item to be placed it would snap to that objects input or outputs.
  2. Add height gauges, when building vertical it would really nice if we could have some type of visual indicator of how many "clicks" an items is above ground or above the closest foundation. Or for things items like conveyor lifts and poles how many ticks/clicks is going up. Even something as simple as an option to show the x,y,z locations of the new object you're try to place in relation to the ones around it. Could be a short cut key toggle or it would only show while a hologram build is on screen.
  3. Add a vertical human lift, aka elevator (the jump pads are fiddly and don't work in multiplayer) or fix the jump and landing pads for multiplayer.
  4. Add a new foundation type similar to the conveyor walls, called a conveyor foundation that would allow you to pass 1-3 vertical lifts through but not have a huge hole around them.
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- I noticed the snap-on ding for the conveyor lifts was wonky, and then the materials wouldn't flow from them while using a conveyor window wall either way. After I removed the wall, no more problems, on one of my floors. The floor below it had no troubles passing the objects conveyor lift->window->belt. The new belt snaps on to the window, but even if the lift seems perfectly positioned to send the materials through the window, it just failed.

- Elevators would be a great later-tier item, since the materials are all there to make them.

- How would a conveyor foundation be made safe? I only fear unnecessary fall damage by walking over an open hole 3+ walls high. Maybe there could be a hatch if it's not in use. or they could be kept open, or opened manually instead.
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For the foundation lift pass through, you could have the railings around the openings like the walkways.

My question though is WHERE would you put the holes.  Off the top of my head, I'm thinking that a foundation COULD support a 3x3 grid pattern of of lifts...  Would you just want the 3 middle ones?
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