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This game runs pretty well even on my laptop with AMD Radeon m260 graphics (considerably lower than the GTX 760 from the official minimum requirements) at least in the early-mid game, and on low settings. Until I open the inventory, and the FPS tanks.

Is that something you're interested in tracking down, and is there any way I could help? Performance captures etc?

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If you're playing with hardware below the minimum specs, be glad the game will run at all :P Optimization is in the future, but I doubt the minimum required specs to run the game will change.
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Not just "below the minimum specs", the GPU is literally a *quarter* as powerful, and with half the VRAM. Admittedly my laptop has an awful resolution display (768p) which helps lower the performance requirements on the GPU, but I'm still impressed how well it runs at all!
Except the inventory, for some reason.

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I would guess that you have just started playing @Thief. Just wait until you get a few more hours in with more on the map and then comment on how good the game is running.

I am well into the game and now it is virtually unplayable, constantly dipping below 15FPS, and massive save hitches and it's starting to make me feel nauseous just playing it. I am NOT going to start again just to get acceptable frame rates.

I'm playing on a very capable rig (4.4Ghz i7, 32Gb RAM, 980Ti, SSD etc etc), and I think I'm going to have to shelve this one until a more optimised version comes along.

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Are you CPU or GPU bound? It's possible you could get some performance back by dropping some settings, especially if you're GPU bound.
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Two things that will help with this in multiplayer

1. Turn the network setting to ultra instead of the default "normal"

2. Wall everything in, we found the multiplayer frame drop is bad even on good computers because of it rendering all the items on the belts (we think) but if you wall off the entire factory everything seems to work with mild delays instead of minute long delays when trying to open inventory on clients of multiplayer.
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Its the stuff on belts thats sooooo SatiSfyinG !

Put in inside a conveyor and you basically have Space Engineers.
I agree less render lag, but less of a game also.

For MP maybe its not a bad idea, but for SP or Co-op, really crap idea I recon, its soooo satisfying to watch thousends of bits of junk fly down a zillion belts spread like spaghetti across a map, come on dude wheres your artistic streak !
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Oh not saying they shouldn't optimize the game and fix that crap I'm saying if the person posting this wants to play with less lag do it! :)
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