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Simple idea:
Those that have hit the early access end game wonder "what now?"  Without impacting future plans for end game but give early access users a form of temporary end game while development proceeds with little dev implementation this is my suggestion:

Adding a side stat which is kind of like the space station which requires one to "send resources to space or something of the like" and it gains a side stat lvl then grows exponentially.

Side Stat Lvl 1: 1000 frames, 300 motors, 10 computers
Side Stat Lvl 2:  500 reinforced frames, 100 motors, 50 computers
...and so on.  Could to a multiplier of say 1.1 or whatever

The Goal of this:
This would encourage people to have a simple way to see how much they can accomplish and compete during early access to see how high of a side stat lvl they could reach.  Doing this would be a fairly simple dev implementation giving users "something to do, to reach for, to compete" without impacting future end game plans as it's a simple side stat that could be ignored or removed if desired close to full release.
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Something similar to this was suggested and I actually liked their idea, it was about the elevator asking for more and more of different things with some reward for doing so. Give me something to work for and some place to put all my crap (looks at my 20+ large bins of crystal)
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Leave the save where it is and start again - perhaps in a different location - and do it *better*...
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Oh we've started again... and again and again. don't get me wrong it's awesome but I would a agree with an easy win endgame Idea doesn't have to be the ultimate endgame but would be nice to have something so I don't feel like I'd rather restart then take the time to tear it down and redo it.
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