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When i built my first truck i was just mesmerized with that behemoth of machinery but as soon as i did a couple runs with it i realized the following:

  • The truck should have more higher submerged tolerance
  • The reverse gear should have more torque, (for example: the truck can't climb a long 8 x 4 ramp on reverse) pratical reasons are for getting out of tough terrain more easily since maybe it is a 6x6 traction?
  • The reverse gear sound and speed is the same as moving foward (too much speed and sound of changing gears) maybe add a beeping sound when reversing. Also the horn should be something more massive, like a train horn (actualy sound like a regular car)
  • The truck physics needs some adjustments. It can't run over some small vegetation and rolls over way too easily.

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Addition to the above I would like to have following changed on both the sugar cube,  the unit and explorer.

I would like to have the fuel at first be manually added from the players inventory and have only that fuel when you double click on it from your inventory goes to the fuel slot on the vehicle.    

Have all other fuel types that are not being used as fuel currently that are being double clicked on from the players storage go straight to the storage space of the vehicle.   Currently it goes straight into the fuel slot of the vehicle and have to manually put the other fuel types in the storage of the vehicle.

Also currently you can not double click on various items to add to the storage of the vehicle.  You have to move them manually.   I don't always want to move everything of what I am carrying to the vehicle and only want to move some of the items.
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YES this major YES, so sick of clicking to put crap in the truck and it replacing my turbo fuel.
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i think the truck should have at the very least far more torque and traction then it currently has....i barely use it cuz it feels so weak and i get places quicker just relying on my blade runners....the truck should be a beast....just my 2 cents
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