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On the other side could be a net or a funnel where you shoot them at or some other kind of receptacle.

I don't think it necessarily warrants the use of the physics engine – I'd be cool with it just being animated without collision detection but it would be super fun if it could hit the player mid air.

This would make a great addition to the player launch pads.

Transcript from Discord

Flummi Today at 2:34 PM

I want item catapults to shoot items across the map and catch them somewhere else in my factory

Huryiade Today at 2:35 PM

that would be funny but catapults have a range l imitation

Flummi Today at 2:35 PM

Imagine you jetpack all peacefully and all of a sudden you get hit by a steel pipe parcel mid air

Kryostahl Today at 2:35 PM

resources flying around in the air... it would be a sight to behold

Ryan Today at 2:35 PM

That would be pretty dope

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Besides "being funny to see", I can't see this suggestion adding any value to the gameplay currently. I don't support, sorry.
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Thanks for your comment!
I personally consider "being funny to see" actually quite valuable for a game such as this. Tons of stuff in Satisfactory is just for funsies. The lizard doggo, emotes, the space ticks, etc.
But yes, indeed, this is primarily fun to watch and secondary helps with building 3 dimensionally. I love to place one or two assemblers on tall mountains and being able to launch their produce downwards into my main factory would be super cool.
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This could be useful on some coop situations. One player feeding material to the other on a high position / accross a canyon.
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