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Had a look already, nothing i can see is really asking for this specifically.
But i'm sure one of you will make the effort to find the one post i missed. gl hf idc :)

Basically a power pole with only 2 connections, this pole will act as a switch breaker between the main power network and the machine/factory that network is connecting too.

Once set up, we should be able to name each breaker specifically, an from ANY of the main power interfaces/terminals we should be able to turn on and off this breaker to allow the machine behind it to be powered or not manually. (hence wireless)
We should also be able to input a specific MW value that if exceeded will trip the breaker causing the 1 small factory to lose power, instead of the whole network.

Having Wifi in game and having to set those up would be cool... allow you to monitor production and power in real time for anywhere, without it being game breaking too, would work well with this little improvement.
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Can't you just build separate power plants to power separate factories/setups? I mean everything doesn't have to be on 1 grid for any reason...
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Good point, tbf while i like the idea, i still prefer to have at least an overall readout of my current power usage and power production for all of the factory in 1 place...
I'm not against having multiple grids show up on the GUI for separate power networks... but i think having an overview is important the further down the line you get, ya know when you have like 20-30 odd different factories producing different things, all requiring there own different amounts of power...

It's just outright easier to manage that when everything is in one place.

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Ty for linking a bunch of related suggestions for me man :)

You know what... i actually missed this one while double checking before hand.


Solid suggestion.

And yeah my suggestion had absolutely nothing to do with wireless power transfer... clearly didn't even read it.
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