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Intended as an endgame, quality of life unlockable for exploration purposes. No worries about losing your vehicle cause you drove through a stream that just barely managed to submerge the player, ejecting them from it. Sure, they can just dismantle and rebuild it but what if it's a lake or that huge body of water to the East? That vehicle's done for unless you're prepared to build a foundation all the way from shore to retrieve your things. I've also noticed several items are underwater (I'm assuming that diving will be added when v1.0 is released) but some of them are a great distance out from the shore. Introducing an amphibious vehicle to Satisfactory would make it easier to retrieve those items.
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There is an issue with this some water does not support floating. Go to the north end in the center of the map and swim as far as you can, make sure you have the jet pack on. There are other locations where this water is in the game.
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