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Update 1 is out there...where do I download it from? Should it Auto Update from the Epic store...where is it????

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If you're talking about the "End of May" update, it was pushed to "June" a few weeks ago when the April update launched. https://www.satisfactorygame.com/roadmap

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If your talking the sulfur and quartz chains then you need to find some and once you pick it up the MAM will let ya start the research tree.
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Have lots of quartz and sulphur...there is nothing in the MAM for it?
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if you are not sure if you have the updated, than you can check the build version latest one is 99427. And from build 99133 the Update #1 is available.
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If you're playing the correct build, and you already have sulfur and/or quartz from a previous patch and it's not showing up in your MAM:
1) Drop 25 quartz/sulfur on the ground.
2) Pick it back up.
3) Check MAM. :)
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Okay tried the Sulfur and Quartz nothing on the MAM, checked the version and it is CL#97236  do I have to delete this game an reinstall? Have auto update turned on?
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Okay, my brother bought this on his Epic account, I was logged in as me so that I could get my map...only the updates would not happen with my account...now I see the updated version and the experimental version...
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