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With all the verticality promotion in the game a vertical version of the spliter and merger would be hughe. Just someonethig that would fit bether than shown on the image.

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I'd settle for being able to run a belt above an existing splitter in a stackup.
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That makes it 3 full foundations high instead of one and a half. That's a heck of a lot of vertical space. Most of my factories have 3.5 foundations in between the floor and the ceiling. That leaves absolutely no space for anything else, so it's just not a practical solution no matter how you look at it. Mind you, 3.5 is still quite tall compared to a lot of pictures that I've seen from other players. Most seem to go to the bare minimum of 2.5 foundations.
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well i guess it depends on how you plan your factory, i have 8 space. Never said to replace the horizontal one :)
Heh, never thought of it this way I've always thought they meant have it "attach" on the Lifts so you could take a center lift split into 3 on the way up
Being able to cleanly merge or split lines vertically would make using wall conveyors easier and more practical. Most of the time, I end up using stackable conveyor posts instead.
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