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It would be really interesting to have essentially a metal bar that you can attach to walls that can hold 1 power line connection. I like to build huge towers of machines but getting power lines upwards forces me to kind of glitch power poles into stairs in order to get a power line upwards.

My idea of the update sort of goes like this:
Basic power pole; Reduced wire length to around half current length
Small power pole; Can attach to any surface but only has 2 connections as well as a very short wire length
Substation; Has a short wire length but has 8 connections
Tall power line; A large metal pole structure that allows wires to be much longer in between but only has 2 connections
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I would love for there to be a better vertical powerline solution. Right now, I poke a hole in the floor and route a line between levels. Or, to get power into a building, I poke a hole in the wall and replace it with the "big hole" kind of wall.

It's largely an aesthetic issue, but I'd love more options.
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One way to do power up the side of a building is as follows:
At the bottom, build a normal foundation next to your exterior wall and place power pole right in the middle of it.

At your desired height (within wire length restrictions), build another foundation directly above it and place another power pole right in the middle.
Delete the foundation to leave the power pole floating in mid air.
Connect the poles together with a wire.
Build metal walkways around your power pole so that the middle bit (where the pole is) has the hole.

If you use the walkways as the landing for a set of ramps then this looks quite good.

(Just for clarification, this isn't *my* invention - I have seen people using it on YouTube.)
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I've used this method but it looks bad to the eye. I'm not saying it's a bad strategy tho. What i do is use the stairs.I kind of zig zag the wire up the stairwell. There's a lot of clipping and it probably shouldn't work but it does.
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I came here to speak about something like this, I personnaly though about a wall with electric connection in each side, that means you can make a vertical electric line outside the building stacking that wall and get electricity at each level of the building inside without doing something ugly.

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Soon in tier 7 we will get power wall.

It supply power trough foundations and walls.

All you will need is just connect one cable to the power wall.
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I guess that's interesting but that kind of feels a bit too convenient and a little boring. Idk thats just me
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I was thinking this too, the walls carrying power gets rid of the ugly power poles to begin with a little like real life underground power lines way better than the overhead most of us see.
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I kind of wish they would just have 2 connections on each side. I am going to miss organizing power lines. Maybe it will be convenient and I wont miss it...
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