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This fan tool now allows you to view your constructions on a map by uploading your save file, which would be a pretty fantastic addition to the base game. If keeping such a map updated was processor intensive, then perhaps it could only be updated on opening the map or when the player presses a button.


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It would be nice to see stuff on the map. I mean what point does the map have, if it doesn't show anything.
It should show:
your factory,
scanned nodes,
visited cave entranced,
visited crashsites,
any other scanned oder visited points of interest

It should show the data any time if anything has been discovered once. I don't get why scanned nodes disappear from the map some time after you've scanned them.

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All the Buildings and Conveyors and other stuctures on the map would be too much i think but the map nowadays is useless unless your looking where you are now. We need the Radio Tower to find Wrecks and Nodes maybe even slugs. When all nodes would be shown on the map once you discovered them that would be very useful and the wrecks too. You need so much Wrecks now for alternate Recipe Research that an overall overlook over the wrecks would be nice on the map too.

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There's no reason why it would be too much. The map only needs to be generated when it's called, and once generated, it can stay in memory without any need to be regenerated until changes are made to the factory. To be had, tracking thousands of individual items moving about is almost without question far more taxing.
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I'll shift a bit your proposition.
What about scanning for building that craft a given resources ; pretty much the same way we scan for raw resources , but this time we scan for crafted one.
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