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What i'm asking is basically will the game be free for the special offer thing on epic games (there's a new game every 2 weeks)

By the way, this is a question, not suggestion, but I don't own the game.
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Shouldn't you direct this to Epic not the dev's?
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i would think the game dev teams up with epic. so no.

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Please provide more information - at least 12 characters

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please provide more information, at least 12 characters.
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a) This is not a suggestion.

b) Your question is ridiculous. If they were to announce that the game will be free, no one would buy it. If you are low on budget (as I am) just wait until there is a good enough offer.

Not sure if it is still available. But I bought the game only 10 days ago or so. Epic offered USD10 discount on any product above USD15. Since Satisfactory's regular price is USD16. I got the game for USD6. Which is a really low price for a game like this.
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what a difference in France  the game is at 30€ the game is 2 time cheaper for you Oo
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I think piracy is still the norm in South America so the prices are lower to try to reverse that.
Also the minimum salary in Argentina is less than USD300 so... how much can the average person spend in games?
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ok i think it was the price for USA that may havec the same price like in europe
wel it's out of the game developement but still interesting to know this difference
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