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When you open your inventory, it would be nice to be able to add (usable) items from your inventory to the hotbar for use later.  Portable miners and healing foods for example.
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The hot bar is designed for build items, other than for tools you would have no reason to need items in it
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Items in it are needed for quick swapping, be it heals (nuts, berries) defense (that poking electric thing) tools and portable buildings (like portable miners) and the like.
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I should be able to wear my gas mask (head) jet pack (back) blade runners (legs) and something in both hands at the same time....
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What would be even better is if we could just hotkey the items.
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i dont know if this was recently changed but if you press the numbers in the number row on your keyboard you can put the item in your hot bar

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Hotbar is kinda hard to manage with only 10 slots as is.

My recommendation would be to have a seperate "Tool belt" that can only hold useable items, and you cycle through it with mouse wheel.
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There are only so many equip-able tools in your inventory at one time anyway, just being able to mouse-scroll through them with no setup would probably help.
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Oh, by toolbelt, I meant having dedicated inventory slots for each tool, essentially, so they don't take up main slots.
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This. We can enter "building mode" or "exploration mode". During exploration mode we can equip any equippable item to our body or hands (consumable is one of them).
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And addition to this idea could be making a hotbar for inventory and having the building hotbar and switching them with a key like x so you switch back and forth between the 2 hotbars
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Since there already exists a radial menu (used for scanning resources or for the vehicle autopilot) they could just add another menu like that for tools and food.
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Good idea, i just think it would flow more to not have to select a menu and easiely change the hotbar instantly with a key press, it could have a little animation switching the hotbars
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Something like that i also had in mind. because when fighting a monster and having to heal its WAY to clunky to press tab, having to find the berries, put them in the slot, get out, heal up,  then open tab once again to replace the berries with the weapon. its HORRIBLE to be honest.
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This is why i reserve the last four slot of my inventory for weapons and food, that way I always know where they are and can shift click them. We definitely need a better way to swap them though.
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Basically saying the same thing, but not completely identical:


Just showing the connection, so that it can be looked at as single suggestion.

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The hot bar has 10 slots.

We have 12 F keys.

So using those, we could have 120 slots.

More then enough. Items also should be in those slots instead of specific slots in the inventory, unless they are tools. Consumables should be in the hot bar, or at least have a specific key to them. Most like in many MMO's.

I do understand of the "logic" of putting a consumable in the hands and then use it, but this can also be done with some twist to the effect of motion of the hands. If we are carring 1 or 2 items, the hands could go down pick the consumable, do the action and then back to carring the previous items that were carried.
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