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After building and trying out the new car I noticed that the leaves and small trees were getting run over and those resources not being collected. Seeing bio stuff like that isn't infinite like nodes, I just felt it's a waste. So I'm thinking what if there's a vehicle that can harvest all things bio. So wood, leaves, mycelia, nuts, berries, bacon, etc. It could also be automated by tying into radar towers to calculate an area that'll equal the on board storage, so you can set it to work and know that it'll return to base once full. Once an area's is done you can select another area.
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So, like a biomass roomba?

As cool an idea as it sounds, I don't think it is worth the effort. You said it yourself, this stuff isn't infinite. In all honesty, I can clear a very, very large area of the map of bio material in just 15 minutes. So if you set up an automated vehicle to do it, you'd run out of things to harvest very quickly.

If leaves and stuff grew back after a while, then I'd see this as being more practical. But since they don't, it seems like too much effort for something that isn't going to give you consistent returns.
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Kinda like a roomba. It's just I feel i'm wasting resources by using the other vehicles when they run over and destroy them.
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+1! I'd love one of these but not automated. Something I can drive that will vacuum things up as I plough over them.. Have the speed cut by 50% when the collector is on though!!
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