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Hey. I Like this game, and wanna suggest a few features. Sorry for my English. ^)

What about late game, after-late game. I know this is early access, but what about some late game reason? For what all these. I`m stared to play several times, build/research may be all in the game,explore the world and then... nothing. I have base but i cant spend all of these for anything, may be i won?)  I would like to suggest different scenarios,missions:

- Production for supply. May be some ship, or space port in space waiting  when you reach some resources per hour sending by elevator. And give you award. May be competitive, few players on same planet starting at same time have a competition for that.

-Control territory or resources, to take control of  the part of planet you must build something very expensive  tower and this 500 meter circle yours. You rise your territory and may be its a 2-3 hour game when you have more than enemy team and win.

-It may be a really big war when you build turrets against another players or very big quantity of animals. Or make resources for supplay you team ammo, energy, some process. And few players in team make some role may be personal research like one is really good builder and have access to 2x bag  and faster crafting, and another warior can use better weapon, another may be collect resources very fast and have resistance for gas etc. Of course its not shooter and may be good shooter perfomance cant be reached because every player have 1000++ buildings,/parts? And legend that company send you not against another player but for discover world and gather resources may assume that one people cant kill another in this lonely allien world :) But they can have competition for resources or territory.

-May be result of  game on planet  will be reach resource level or make mission and send something to space elevator . And later you can bring it to another worlds when you start exploration, and  this resources/items/recipe that you have send for example to you own ship . O may be in some system there are  some selling -buying  resources in space - market, send to exchange with  another planet, players, companies. And result of these operations attached to your account.  For example it was mission on this planet when you in single player send 100 pc and engines per hour for company and additionally have one slot for resources what you want. And after leaving planet you can manage, sell or use this resource in you opinion. In this case it must be you own very expensive space ship base for traveling  between different worlds, accumulate resources, upgrade it, craft new recepies, or small some part of planets factory if you have really big ship. And may be result of upgrading ship is possibility to discover very extreme planet or may be  asteroid in space with rare resources or specific missions where you should  bring many resources to start mission than build your base only in small square vertically because it s asteroid and radiation not much in shadow..And may be mission awards from is alternate recipe for crafting. May be you can build in game career you own ship only after few mission part by part sending required resources or parts. But before you should work to company..  

 And of course there is a question, what about some story. All what we know, company sends me to gather some resources.. Where is the aggressive, competitive world where everyone(players, teams, companies) wanna grab resources before u?

In general today for me, after playing several times i don`t understand for what i should go back in this game. It was really interesting to understand how it works, how to craft, how to build,  connect all of these, reach maximum efficiency of resources what you have,explore planet and... thats all. I think a lot of players spent may be 10-20 hours in game and never go back. Once you reached maximum in this game and You know all of everything.  Like in another game of this type. Thats what i dont like.But core of this game really nice. I hope you evolve. But without competitive late game on planet or career with  aggregation, spend, trading resources/recipes/items in space, building base/ship, travelling in open world and fight in competitive planets  there is no reason to go back in game and start  new one.

And it may be great  useful reason to make some new worlds, because developers can sell additional content, not using procedure generating world, it s not interesting. But in case of this game for example pay 1-10 $ for some unique planets, well designed world like solar system to discover, for new missions, items, recepies and improve you net resource income after complete all planets , why not. Its much more interesting new content but not another skin of Oil refinery.

In general to build several  factories on different worlds, send resources between them, upgrade you ship, trade, fight at competitive planets it may be interesting using this game that we have today. I hope game evolve. Bye.
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I think its to early for that in my opinion because i think it might mess up future updates and maybe mess up the full release updates if Coffeestain decides to try and not mess up other people saves that they worked hard on just to get an ending they already saw.

In my opinion its a bad idea even the missions idea. It still has the possibility of messing up. I think the spaceport  is an ok idea but is good for a time when we have Phase 5 of Project Assembly: Propulsion. cause the word propulsion sounds like a liftoff and i think that would be a good time for a spaceport? ending sequence.
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Sounds like some good ideas for potential Mods!

It's hard to make objective assessments when we don't yet know the late game planned by the dev's. The play styles we are each developing may be inappropriate, hard to tell.

At this stage, all we can do is make our own goals and test out the functionality supplied to us so far. Some basic mechanics clearly need work, like making long-range belt  building easier, but I hope the Dev's don't base their later development too much on the play styles we are using now, but keep to their vision.

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Maybe they should add difficulty settings.. for example, those who just wanna chill and build -> normal game mode with zero difficulty... for those who want to defend their base, add alien swarms, hordes, defensive walls, turrets, guns teleportation devices from point A to point B or point C, add GPS with coordinates because the map is big, add maybe flying cars.. we are a lot of players who would like to be constantly harassed by enemy hordes and to find solutions to get rid of them with building strategies.. I recently bought the game, and it has a lot of potential, but I was incredibly sad when I found out that it has no real threats or enemies and especialy when they stated that they won't add these features... we are a lot of players who would like combat mechanics and defensive measures in this game and I'm willing to wait and not make a refund request yet, but maybe they will reconsider and not make the same mistake of not listening to the community like the Devs from No Man's Sky game. cheers !

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