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I made a huge foundation platform to build on it, but everytime I stayed close to this zone, my game would crash.

I did some test, and the only way for me not to crash was to remove all the foundations.

Later I tried to put only a few foundations for some coal-generators, I still had crashes and had to remove them.

I can still play, but I can't create big beautiful factories.

Edit : Here is the crash report, I added foundations and it crashed after only a minute or two, it wasn't crashing since I had removed all the foundations.

In case my configuration is needed :

CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 2600

GPU : RX 570 8Go

RAM : 16Go @3000MHz

Windows 10 Professional with all last updates

Edit n°2 : So I did a few new tests, and checking if they were any updates for my graphic card ... and after updating my drivers, it seems the game does not crash anymore.

So if someone have the same issue, I highly sugest you update your drivers ...

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Crash report?
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I did report the crashes, but I would like to know if it's a known problem ? Is it comming from the game or my computer ? How can it be fixed if it's from my computer ?
Does other people have the same problem ? (I didn't found anything about this on this site)
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Can you post your crash report? Nobody can help you without knowing the specific crash.
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I posed it now, I though you where telling me to report the crash, sorry.
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Yes, that is a DirectX error and updating/reinstalling your graphics drivers will usually fix that.
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