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Could you add a splitter and merger that attaches to storage containers directly? It would be awesome to be able to have more inputs/outputs for a container that isn't tied to the speed of your fastest belt.

EDIT: Ooh, while I'm thinking about it, how about splitters and mergers that connect directly to each other? All of this could, I guess, be considered "game breaking" items to some people, so I wouldn't even mind if it was an end game, last item obtained kind of thing. It should just be a thing.
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This has been asked multiple times... Please upvote existing threads.
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Didn't see it anywhere before I posted it... or afterwards for that matter. Only seeing things like smart splitters and stuff. Link?

EDIT: Found this one 2 questions under mine... derp. That was the only one I found from skimming through 5 pages of "storage splitter" so I'm not sure where you keep seeing it asked... mostly just seeing stackable splitters (which, btw, YES) and smart splitters (yes). Also, they didn't elaborate on belt speed being a contributing factor towards adding this to the game, so I don't think my question was a complete waste of time at least.
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You are probably just using the wrong search terms. Your suggestion is very specific about adding adding the ability to directly attach splitters and mergers to storages, but most of the suggestions that have been made for this are far more generic and suggest that this be allowed with just about every machine in the game. Also, since the second input / output was added to MK2 storages, there has been some suggestions out there to create smart storages which would function much like a smart / programmable splitter does.

Here's the link to the smart storage container thread:
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