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Self explanatory; So we don't have to stop and refuel each time from inventory manually.

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The Truck Station has 2 inputs, one of them is connected to a fuel tank looking storage container. That's what you're looking for.
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Actually, this is NOT what I'm looking for. I'm talking when we're driving our vehicles manually, e.g. The explorer, so we can do long distance travel without having to stop each time.

I fully understand that with full automation, automatic refueling is available, but then again, that's a rookie question, not a suggestion.

Please make sure that the question is clear to you next time before suggesting that you know more.
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Perhaps if you had worded your question "Enable vehicles to load from vehicle storage" the confusion with organisational storage wouldn't have arisen.

I could say "Please make sure that your question is unambiguous before you criticise someone for misunderstanding it"...
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A constructive suggestion. Thank you. I only criticized the user for implying that he or she knows exactly what I meant, while that's not the case. But anyway, edited, according to your suggestion.
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Thought you meant storage storage, not vehicle storage. Jerk.
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But there are multiple fuel types. All you do is drop fuel you wish to use in the tank. Plus it isn't like you never get out of the vehicle when you are exploring. Another argument would be the pure situation of running out of fuel. I have been in a few situations (attacks) and have ran outbof fuel exactly then. Made that experience much more intense. You are thinking very efficient though. Ficsit would like that about you. Stay efficient. Stay effective. I am sadly against it though. Like the way you tick though.
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Eh, I've a highway where refuelling manually would be impractical.
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Make it practical.
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