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Died after starting game while I was putting laundry in the dryer. Thought my base was radioactive but I started running around then noticed the doggo was radioactive and killing me slowly when next to me.

Anyone else getting this since the update this morning?

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Your dogo might have picked up radicatove material and is carrying it around in its one slot storage. You will have to end your doggo but make sure to do it somewhere far away from anything.
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It would be good time to find a good place for a burial ground of your radioactive waste, you'll need that with Tier 7, I think :P)
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I'm thinking the bottom of abyssal cliffs some place below the world ;)
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If your quick enough you can grab it from the Doggo and delete it from your inventory
You can drag the item directly from the doggo inventory into the trash can. Unless you are on the latest experimental (the one that introduced tier 7). Nuclear waste can't be deleted anymore for obvious reasons.
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