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Using lmb all I get is a beep and a green exclamation point!
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It's a bug. I've had it a couple of times, don't know what causes it, but restarting the game fixes it.
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It's a ping marker. You can use it to communicate areas of interest to your friends in a multiplayer session.
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I didn't mean ping was a bug but rather when playing single player for no reason I got this ping on every click of the mouse and was unable to turn it off. Reloading the save fixed it for me. I have no idea if pressing Alt would have fixed it. I reported it via the in game feedback.
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I managed to escape that mode by pressing Esc multiple times)
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Hitting Alt fixes it

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That is the ping mode, which is triggered by holding Alt + pressing Lmb. Seems like you got stuck in that somehow? Usually pressing Alt again should fix this. Can you reproduce getting stuck in that mode?
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Great at least I know now. Cheers everyone
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Sounds like your ALT just got sticky keyed. That is to say the functionality of a key on your keyboard got stuck in an "active" state as if you were holding the button down.

Usually you can fix this just by pressing the key again.
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