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probably I'm a bid preemptive here. But we can not upgrade the miner mk1 to mk2 with out destroying it. which means that you also have to replace the belt to it

now seeing that also all the production buildings will have an up grade. I starting to fear the time i have do rebuild my nicely lay out factories. because i not only have to replace the machines but also all the belts what it makes and wiring. and unlike with the miners this has mostly to be done in confined spaces.

could we have a replace as with the belts.

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Don't get too emotionally attached to your map.  The game is in alpha.  You're seemingly playing the game, as are many, as if this is the final game.  It is entirely possible as the game gets through beta, and then is actually "released" in full, that some future update will render our current games and maps as unplayable or unable to load at all, and you will be starting over.  This was a common and understandable occurrence with alpha and beta games in the past.  While people seriously need to get their heads around this possibility, most will not.  Most people play alpha and beta games as if they are playing a game that has been released for years, which produces extremely unrealistic player expectations.

Resources are infinite.  Building materials are 100% refunded when you destroy something.  The maps are huge and space is functionally infinite.  You can build higher than you could practically get up to and the lifts make this incredibly easy now.  Build with future expansion in mind and if you are having tight space issues, you've already built too small.  

In assembly chain games like this it is extremely common to build too tight.  Everyone does it when they first start playing these types of games.  Spread out, and when you think you have spread out enough, or given enough extra space, double the size.  If you want to keep your current map through all the updates that we don't really know anything about, then you'd better future proof your save game by giving yourself tons of room.
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even in the full game when it is out and no things will be added and the map is stable etc. etc. people will still build nice layouts that then will have to be completely thorn down to get upgraded. This will disharting to a lot of people.

I just build a nice very compact steel factory taking in copper iron and coal. taking care of a pure node of iron and copper and four normal of coal. The whole thing get doubled when going to next level ( mk3 miners, mk2 smelters, mk6 belts). But without replacing I can spend on other day rebuilding it. placing everything i the same place.
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