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Rifle ammo should be in larger stacks. Right now 50 is a bit small and carrying enough ammo for a decent expedition uses way too much inventory.

By the numbers:

It takes 4-6 rounds to kill a armored pig creature so a pack of 4 will easily go through about 30 rounds.  Mixing it up with a large fire spitter will easily go through 15 rounds. So an expedition of any reasonable length will use up 5-6 inventory slots just for ammo.

Of course, based on current game mechanics an entire coal factory only takes about 5 slots to include a foundation and enough power poles to wire it up.

I would say stacks of 200 ammo would probably make the quality of the rifle life a lot better especially since they are itty bitty bullets vs massive power plants.
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The rifle needs a LOT of work: Ammo use, range, firepower...
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Rifle range is OP, I don't think it's limited, you can kill shooters while you're not even in their aggro radius, they won't try to run your way or away, they'll just take the shots and die.

Rifle firepower/ammo use is balanced in my opinion, you can't just easily kill off anything, wildlife is still a threat but manageable one.

As for the ammo stacks - YES YES YES, devs please!
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Yes, the Rifle is well Balanced in firepower/range etc. Only the 50 stacks of ammo (cardige) is annoying and unbalanced. I Think also 200 is a Good Number for one Stack.
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