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Red line shows the path, the truck circled in red is supposed to follow that path. It ended up under the map super far away from the path. I can't confirm that it's underground but I checked the area and it's not on the surface.

I frequently have pathing issues with trucks, but usually my own fault for trusting their ability to handle rough terrain, however this is just crazy!

I'm just gonna use conveyors now. 2 much maintenance on these darn trucks! Can not wait for trains. I'm gonna make fracking companies look like saints compared to what I do to the planet once we have trains >:D
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Maybe it went into a cave

2 Answers

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I believe this is a dev marker of some kind as it is also next to the river that has numbers above it.  I have this truck at the exact same location on my map.
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That hasn't been there for me until one of my trucks went MIA. Although you're making me second guess myself now. Even if dev marker a truck of mine still disappeared lol.
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It's the international Lost&Found for all the trucks you lose, you heartless people. But they have it better there. There are ball baths, video games and a pizza hut.
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I think I figured it out: when you go far away, it tries to respawn to the nearest waypoint, but if it fell in water (is undrivable), something happens and it goes to (0, 0, 0).

I'll do more tests after I save edit mine back.
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