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I have tested this one multiple times. This could be considered a more serious bug because the user cannot replenish health after a certain radius of area has been farmed.

Farmable objects only yield once. Meaning if you go to a parent object that produces a child object and you farm that child object once, when the child object is regenerated you no longer benefit from farming it the second time. This has to be a bug. 

Here is a concrete example

You go get a pale berry from a pale berry tree for the very first time. You now have one pale berry in your inventory. You wait for the pale berry tree to reproduce it's berry. You go collect the pale berry again from the SAME pale berry tree and you will STILL have one pale berry in your inventory even though it is clear that you just farmed it a second time. The bug here being that these objects are somehow maintaining state of when you farmed them.

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Not a bug.  The berries don't respawn.  However there are plenty of health giving plants around the map.
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Actually they do because I have seen it happen. I harvest, log out, log back in they are back. I am experiencing the exact same problem with bushes. You cannot harvest the same bush twice it seems.

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Intended feature as stated by the devs. No unlimited health items, no unlimited spawning enemies. Currently.
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Please listen to Snutt's wording carefully. It's an intended feature in the future, but is not currently implemented as such and any respawning is considered a bug. Again, it's the PLAN, but it's not what the CURRENT intended behavior is. :)

As for the animal respawning, it's been discussed multiple times with the devs interaction on the official Discord. I've also done extensive testing with animal respawning/despawning mechanics. If you want the link on that, I implore you to do the research yourself, as I don't have the time.
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K - thanks for the link.
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Downvoting even my comments, wow thanks guys.
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... I didn't downvote your comment.
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I didn't think you did since you are the only one providing actual information. I'm sure it is a self righteous squeaker.
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