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My truck has apparently fallen out of the world, but still appears on my map.
It was on autopilot and must have fallen after an accident with another truck.

Its nodes are still present on its path.

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I think having some sort of option in the truck stations to remotely control them all would be good. Be able to name your truck and at the station/s be able to stop auto pilot instead of chasing it down/Return to base/Remove < Useful for yourself in this case.
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definitely need some extra management features somewhere that doesn't require hunting down the vehicle, like at the station. all vehicles should be shown on a map from this interface.
if the vehicle looses it's path, it should stop and turn off the auto pilot, an error message (email) should be sent and way point (mark on the map) should be shown as to where the vehicle became stuck. if the vehicle has attempted to path but got stuck on a rock for example, instead of running it's self out of fuel it will stop and notify you.
if it falls of the map, the game needs some way of knowing it has been destroyed and remove it's path and icon, also an email should be sent notifying us that our cargo was lost, and show on the map where the vehicle was destroyed at.
speaking of, the map needs to be available from the start please.

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Yeah, it fell through that big hole thing it looks like.
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I think your reply should have been just a comment not an 'answer'.
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Well we contacted each other off-site and I fixed his issue for him, so I'm going to leave it as an answer after the effort I put forth. Thank you for your suggestion though, much appreciated.
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