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the front left tire of the explorer frequently doesn't turn/move, appears to only happen when not actively changing how it moves, like if it's accelerating it works correctly but when at full speed it stops, same when slowing down.

(when the vehicle isn't actively changing how it is moving)
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I've noticed with mine the wheels also shake a lot... Still prefer it to the other vehicles though.
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my wheels don't shake o_o
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This seems to depend on texture resolution (=LOW). Changing the texture resolution to medium fixes this.

I am seing this on Experimental Build #101547.
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I just built an explorer for the first time since the latest update and this issue is still happening. My texture resolution is already set to medium. This is on version Early Access CL#109075
It happens forward, reverse, turning, going straight. Doesn't seem to matter. But only after a certain speed is reached, somewhere around 20.
Not game-breaking of course, just really annoying.
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Yes, I would like Jace to try it out. Looks hilarous - noot. :)
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