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The only thing I got in the update was conveyor elevators and the splitter redesign. I checked to see if I could unlock it in any of the tiers, found nothing, and checked for the resources on the scanner and MAM, and found nothing. I... uhhh… please help.

btw I'm on version 99303 if that helps

also btw my power poles still have 4 slots

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You need to find Sulfur and Quartz first to get new stuff, just like Caterium.
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hm. ok I guess i'll go drive around in my slow tractor lol

yeah I'm not finding any. I went to https://www.satisfactorymap.com/#-127100;-153600;5;5198 and went to where quartz should be, but I found nothing.
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Because those quartz nodes are underground. https://mapisfactory.com/#5/68.760/-100.151 What kmarkopl said, you need to find at least 25 Sulphur or 25 Quartz and then it'll be researchable in the MAM, which will give you a HUB milestone to unlock, which will give you the items you're missing. And your power pole thing, you need to actually build an mk2 power pole.
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thanks. also idk about the poles, I'm pretty sure in the patch notes power poles Mk1 got another connection. I'll check for the quartz again later. thanks again.

whyyyy am I not finding any...
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Nvm found it. thanks!
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