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Seems I am able to place the splitters and mergers inside the areas of other machines, so much so that I can build them so that 90% of the splitter/merger is inside the other buildings.


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They will also clip walls, conveyor poles, and quite a few other things as well. I've got a fuel line for my truck stations which I split inside a 2 by 1 space so that I can send it on to the next station. That 2 by 1 space also contains the output / input of the truck station. If the splitter was incapable of clipping the wall a tiny bit, there is just no way that I would be able to split the fuel line within such a tiny space. It's already quite the rat's nest in there as it is. It does not show on the other side of the wall, so as far as I care, it's fine. In games like this, I do agree with you that limits must be imposed on what can be done, but past a certain point, if those limits are made too restrictive, you end up frustrating players and that's definitely not what you want to do. Maybe they could use a tiny bit of work, but as far as I care, they aren't too far off from the sweet spot they need to be in. As a player, you need to be able to set yourself limits on what you will do and won't do.
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Mm I see, I understand in many circumstances this is very useful - the only reason I've raised it is because in circumstances where I want to place the splitter extremely close to the input and output points of two buildings, I often can't see that it's clipping through which leads to me placing it too close for conveyor belts to connect to it at all
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To be fair to what you say, the clipping shown in that image is rather extreme. Interestingly enough, if you place the splitter or merger first, it will enforce it's bounding box.
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