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Hi  there,

i have a tree, that lookes like it won't be saved as removed.

i removed him with the chainsaw and with the nobelisk.

if i reload the game, mainmenu and restart doesn't matter, the tree is back there.

here are a shot of the tree: (right to the door in the background is a small green way up to the top of the rocks)

and here are the location:

location by https://www.satisfactorymap.com/, hope the topview is up to date so the location is right :)

Greetz Kronod

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This is a completely different problem. This about trees coming back after being removed, not indestructible trees. It is in fact a duplicate of https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/10580/tree-grew-through-foundation
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jeah thanks, and thanks for downvote.
i have read the post in https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/10580/tree-grew-through-foundation.
All i see everywhere is "i have a tree" "i have a rock" but i dont see any further information about position or what tree/rock whatelse it is.
so i wanted to give some information for the devs so they dont have to magicaly destroy the bug and/or the game itself :)

Greetz Kronod
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The person here https://questions.satisfactorygame.com/19675/indestructable-tree didn't made it clear, they could also have removed the tree and it grew back but forgot to mention it, meaning it would be indestructible like this one. What I mean is just because a tree goes away and come back it doesn't mean it's not indestructible.
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