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It is rather annoying to have to set the resource to smelt even though it is very easy to just understand what resource it is because you can't exactly make copper ingot out of iron ore, so just program the smelter to smelt its only resource input. Thanks!
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How could anyone possibly object to this? What benefit do you get from telling a smelter full of iron to smelt iron?
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When you build a line of 9 or more smelters and constructors it's annoying to have to set each one of them to the same item, besides if we're talking about more than 30 it would take a little bit of time that could be spent already doing the next part. It would be a cool feature but I think it only applies to smelters as constructors and other machines will likely have multiple recipes for the same input.
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Caffeinated: XD I agree so much
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DarkCeptor: Smelters and foundrys are the only ones that can apply, constructors have to be set. For example: Iron going into iron plates or iron rods.

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that sounds easier then it actually is maybe, as machines only pick up what they need, it might be a programming pain for what seems a little annoying and something players should do ... and a feature that should be a mod opt-in rather than in-game mechanics
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It's not a programming pain, it's easy to do actually, every item/ore already have a class for them so all the smelter would need to do is check what is the class of the ore that went into the input (something that is already done) and change the current recipe based on that.
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So when an item is detected reaching the machine, the game looks up the set of that item to better find what item that is?

or when you set a recipe with set codes for each item it only checks each item to the preset code from the recipe nothing more, if the same accept if not stays on belt

the first would require the item to be detected (does the item id for the item already contain the set number?) then learn what branch it was either copper or iron then switch the code to the relevant recipe,  more computing power than the second and result in more lag and find irrelevant  information all of which would have to be searched, both taking computer power and ram. This would also need more programming and testing as all of the machines work in similar ways apart from this one, requiring its own coding depending on how the others are coded

the second is a quick comparison of two numbers and one action, for each item, it might say item code detected, check against code for recipe x ( x being the recipe already set by player) is equal to one of the set recipes  accept if not leave on belt, not worrying what the numbers mean just they match, one task for each machine working the same no matter how many different items

You may be right I only have little coding experience but from what little I know the second seems less computer intensive
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I guess the idea would be to wait for the first item that goes in and expect that set, so it wouldn't require the player to set a recipe.

As for the way it's done, I don't really know but we're talking about C++ and Unreal Engine so it would most likely not affect performance that much, that is assuming they programmed some checks to avoid infinite loops and that kind of stuff, because nowadays we can have the GPU also help with heavy calculations while the CPU is busy, and thanks to the language's OOP style and heritage concept a machine could have the same class as the other machines but each one can have their own different functions.

I might be right but then again the only experience I have with C++ was the 1 year that I had in college so.
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It's just a simple condition statement requesting the type of item and then according to that trigger the correct setting.
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