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If there was a way to change the recipe and view / tweak the Production efficiency percentage on multiple buildings at the same time instead of running up to each one, one at a time, that would be great.  

I know when I'm setting up a huge factory or tweaking the rates, it is a painful extra step to run to each building to select the recipe, adjust the Production, etc. 54 times just for Constructors on one floor.  And there's inevitably one that you miss....

Two ideas:

1. An additional interface on Power Poles that displays all the Production Buildings attached to that particular Pole.  Make it a Tier 4 or 5 Milestone - Control Network or something and double the Power Cable cost (one for power, one for control)

2. An equipment item akin to the Color Gun - Remote Configuration Gun with a maximum reach akin to said Color Gun / Power Cable attachment.  Would only be able to modify one building at a time but you can stand still and point at each machine.  Again, make it a Tier 4 or 5 Milestone.

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When Tier 7 gets unlocked, we will get Power wall witch will supply  power to foundation and any machine build on it.

From that moment power poles in factory will be useless, so there is no point to make any display on power poles.
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Power Wall is great, so then idea #2 sounds better.
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