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My Idea is to use the Bed in the HUB to heal. So if you use them to get a little heal (1 or 2 Halthpoints) with a cooldown for 1 or 2 Hours. The Thing is healing in the early-game is no big deal but it will be difficult when it comes to shortage of supplys or Basebuilding and you fall off something high... It's helping a little when the Player can use a bed.

What do you think?
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I agree completely with the idea, and disagree that healing isn't a big deal. Healing in this game is not hard, but can be rather annoying. Being able to heal at the hub, especially because there are already bunks, seems like a no-brainer.
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and if like Minecraft would skip to morning, but this game could also flip that and be able to swap from night to day or day to night
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How about setting an amount of hours to sleep? Sleep for 1/2/3...etc hours? Sleep until fully healed? Sleep until day/night?
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The Planet is in a binary Starsystem so there isn't techniclly such a thing as night.
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Using this suggestion, I think we can be liberated from the dark night.It's a really good suggestion.
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