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I know there are some posts about building foundation like conveyor belts (in a line). 

But i want to go a step further: I want a feature for foundation, that you can click one foundation and then span a square of foundation until you click the diagonal corner.

So to build a AxB elements foundation you have to click only two times (the X) - Sample with 5x5 elements:


I think that should speed-up factory bulding very much. :)

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Yes! I want This!

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This has been suggested multiple times (although without the nice accompagnying image). It would be best to support existing suggestion instead of creating new threads.
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Maybe you can give me/us a link? I only found some suggestions for LINES of foundation. Not for squares?!
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And i'm sure that there are others. Some of them don't precisely define the mechanism by which this would be done, but it's certainly implied. The first clearly puts into text "(1x1->2x2->3x3, etc)", so it certainly is the same idea as you, and it also has the highest amount of vote of all of them with more then 200.
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