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Since the move from Experimental back to the main build 8x4 ramps have rendered oddly, failing to show the bottom and top sides when viewed from the side/underneath. Cound be a distance issue.
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I noticed the same thing trying to build a large ramp from below. Couldn't see ramp at all, but could still build it and it rendered when I move to another position. I wish I could build ramps from above. Just can get that ramp to snap going down while on the ramp. I either build a walkway going down next to it or drop to ground and build from underneath.
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This seems like a new issue. This morning I was building a long ramp and once I'm a certain distance away, only some sides of a foundation are visible.

I assume this is to help with rendering cost, but I'm fortunate enough to have a beefier system and never had an issue with performance in the first place.
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