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On my roam from slugs I found this one where the waterfall is a solid wall and you cannot get the slug. 90% sure it's a purple.

Zoomed out map

Zoomed in


I also found a place where the water is land and the land is water so you swim in mid air but I cannot for the life of me find it again. :c

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I know where this is: there's a trick. Get above the waterfall. Near its edge you should be able to fall behind him and get the slug (jetpack is recommended).
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Tah for the tip. I've beacon'd it to head back when it was fixed. Still, it does need to be fixed to function like the other waterfalls.
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In total there are six (other) slugs on the map at this state of the game, which are in fact not reachable. (and one mercer sphere)
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