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1. Add a holster button or ability to scroll to empty hands (it’s annoying to always unequip items from your hands to gaze upon your glorious factory)

2. Add ability to place “anchor” points when building long stretches of conveyor belts, without building additional polls to make them curve, and look more natural (now they only curve near the poles)

3. Add the ability to reattach building to conveyor belts if removed (duplicate)

4. Add the ability to raise the poles when building conveyor belts (duplicate)

5. Add the ability to move buildings (at least storage) without dismantling them (either way you get all the cost back, but it’s annoying to move a storage and then run back & forth to move all the items from the box to the new storage location)

6. Make conveyor poles stackable snap to conveyor poles (or add ground level pole to stackable, by the look of the picture in experimental it’s already in the works)

7. Getting down the ladders sucks

8. Add ability to attach foundation to the other end of the walkways

9. This one is big, add the ability to place blueprints instead of building right away, which will allow planning of the factory/expansion, and add all the required materials to “requirements list” which is already there, and when you’ll gather all the materials build everything with one click (and get ready for EPIC SPECTICLE, and death of graphic card (maybe limit the number of blueprints))

10. And lastly add the ability to move faster on foot, maybe add a hoverboard of jet skates (make sprint the default as well, no one walks in satisfactory)

Sorry for long and tiresome post.
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Theses kind of threads don't get all that many votes because there's some things that peoples are going to agree with and some things that peoples won't. It's far better to vote on existing suggestions and make one thread per suggestion for clarity for those things which have not yet been suggested. Suggestions that relate the same feature can be grouped together, but otherwise, I would advise against doing so. For example, I have one listing foundations and walkways that I would like to see added to the game. If I had to redo it today, I would make one for foundations, and one for walkways. Theses kind of threads are also hard to find using the search function and the title really does not say much of anything about what they contain. Just don't. Close this one and do things properly.
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Other notes:

- As far as 10 is concerned, there is already an in-game item which gives us more speed, jumping height and increases maximum fall height without taking damage.
- 9 is  a duplicate of at least a dozen other threads.
- 8 is  also duplicate.
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