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While working and testing the localization language, like many developers, everyone thinks the Brazilian-Portuguese is the same thing as Portuguese from Portugal.

While we, Portuguese, can speak with Brazilians with almost no problems at all (best comparison would be English USA - English UK) there are many words and meanings that are not like that.

I would not mind to translate the game to Portuguese from Portugal. I am sure that I am not the only Portuguese gamer playing satisfactory. While we do understand Brazilian and have almost no problem with the game translated to Brazilian, some words, for us, are totally weird and out of context.

Many more examples can be given like: Spanish from Spain to Spanish from Mexico. For us, every country near German speaks the German... or do they?

If the game developers ask for Portuguese people to translate to "true" Portuguese, I am sure that many people would help.

Thank you.


Love the game

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Devs have announced in latest video that they looking for people to help with localization.
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Yes, I already saw that and they provided a link to a site where they add what needs to be translated and people translate from English to their language.
That is not the point.
The point is, that in most games, when translating to Portuguese, it is not real Portuguese but Portuguese from Brazil.
The option is there to translate, but it is from English to Portuguese Brazilian, not Portuguese from Portugal.
That is the point I was trying to make.
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Portuguese from Brazil is real Portuguese in the same sense US English. =p
But I agree most software can be localized that way. Since there's a site for it you can get the English or PT-br version to create your Pt-pt
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