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When i press "F" towards conveyor MK4 and cancel, then the belt texture change from mk4 to mk1

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Ever learn use SEARCH option ?!

This graphical bug is been since MK4 belts been added!
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You should rather learn good behavior.  
I only report it and wont waste additional time for searching if someone has added it before or not. Do not make me laugh.
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No! You should not create another bug report witch has been already reported.
You should search if the bug was not been reported already, and then add your report to it !

Your report is simple spam !
That is what search option is!
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"Your report is simple spam !"
I dont know from where people like you come from but they should stay where there are and dont open mouth. Do a favor for this community and stop talking more nonsenses.

But i will tell you something kid. The task of player raporting bug is not to spend another xx minutes to search if it has been already described. Its information for devs that problem is and/or still exist and player "mission" is over. Devs know if it was reported or not. Eventually its job for moderator to segregate such replicated reports, not my or anybody from outside. What you should say is "thank you for report and time" - its clear?

Now go do something useful.
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