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When the hard drive research is done, you get to choose from 3 alt recipes, this always makes me alt-tab and search up the existing original recipes with their parameters.

Any chance you can display the recipes you already have for that item? so you can make a comparison, maybe even with some red/green indicators what is more/less
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For now 90% of alternate recipes are always better (power cost/time/item cost). Just choose what you are lacking now. Rest 10% is about start production at places where you don't have all resources. Problem solved. :)

BTW. You have all recipes show now for each product at asemblers. That is more useful.
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Yes. Please implement this.
While many alternate recipes are better, sometimes that does not mean they are practical when we have many factories already set up.
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It does not matter what recipe you get, good or bad.
Sooner or later you get them all.

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Just mouse over the item the recipe is for to see all recipes you already know.

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