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I loaded my save in the main branch that I've been playing in experimental the last couple of weeks and have an issue with 8x2 ramps when viewing them from a moderate distance and below.  I tried loading the save back in the experimental branch and it worked fine.  The following is what I have tried troubleshooting;

 -Updated my graphics drive


-Verified install

-Fresh install of early access

-Tried replacing the problem ramps with;

-Remove and rebuild 8x2 ramp - issue remained

-Replace with a 8x2 foundation - new foundation didn't have the problem

-Replace with a 8x4 ramp - new ramp didn't have a problem.

This issue happened anywhere I have a 8x2 ramp, I checked other locations on the map. When I get closer to the ramp it will render.  There is no problem viewing from the top.

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Thank you for the feedback, I have fixed this issue now on our end.

/ Simon
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Same with the 8 x 4 ramps as well. I'll get a screen shot in just a few mins and update comment.

standing right beneath them -

at a distance -

these are 8x4 ramps
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I fixed both ramps so should be fine in the next update.

Thanks again!
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Confirmed, the latest patch corrected my issue, thank you!
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