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I suddenly starting to get radiation poisoning while in the game and discovered that the Lizard Doggo had picked up one item of Nuclear Waste.  It did not have an icon on it so I can only assume that this is not meant to happen and it is a bug in the game after the recent update so thought I should report it just in case.
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Nope. This little fella do this before.
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Did that to me to, took me a bit to figure out my damn doggo was trying to give me cancer.
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This is now a problem as you can't delete nuclear waste.
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Lizard Dogs should be able to bring you any natural raw material/mineral/item, but no manufactured item like nuclear waste.

This could cause problem in early game when you cannot have proper protection.

Definitely a bug to me.

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They pick up uranium. Currently, the uranium tech tree isn't in-game yet. Roadmap says the end of May update should have it, so you should be safe from it at the end of the month... Assuming you don't go critical by then.
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Roadmap has changed, it's now planned for the end of June.

Update #2 - End of June™

• Tier 7 (Nuclear and Aluminium)
• Trains
• Overhaul late game areas
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