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After deconstructing and re-working my layout many times, the area gets littered with the crates with excess parts in it. Instead of having to pick up all items, can we please get it to where you can just pick the crate up and move it to another location?
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handy for sure, But also potentially exploitable.
as far as i can tell, the only limitation on how much the container can hold is the inventory space of the building you deconstruct.   meaning a player could theoretically move large container storage crates worth of goods around by hand.

With that noted,
it may also be more work than worth with vehicles in game.  so if that would be an "exploit" at all, and if its worth ignoring QoL changes would be debatable.
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what if it just took a small forklift to move them, it would add content to the game and would be a good use for moving things around and could be used to move the larger storage containers too.  i know you can just deconstruct them but if your inventory is full or you just don't like having to constantly rebuilt it could be nice. especially for people building the auto sorters. if it just disconnected the storage unit by taking an extra click to remove the belts.
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I came across many times this problem. I agree with you. It would be MUCH easier just to pick up whole crate and move it to another place. Instead of this i must drop items from my inventory to make room , then  pick up crate, drop items from crate at another place, pick up my old inventory - waste of time.
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I just create a temporary Industrial Container, store all my inventory in it. Deconstruct the old crate/container, rebuild it where I want and store all in it again. Now I can get my old inventory back from distance since I can deconstruct the temporary Container and get everything inside. It's pretty fast and no need to drop things.
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This needs to be a thing!
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