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well there are a couple of times when my game loded me on a new character...

in one of them i had 2 hard drives on me, 4 yellow slugs about 20 green and literly all my food...

i have no way to access it now and this dummy character was gone the next time i lodded but my staff was still missing...

since the game is still in early acess i can only guess this stuff hapends to a lot of people...

so dont we need an abilitty to take spawn items like most other singleplayer games have?

in the verry least to battle the fustration of bugs that do this kind of stuff...

another alternative would be to make the players that you kill lootable...

but that would have multiplayer side effects and also only solves the problem that happend to me not any other glitches...

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A simple Google search would've lead you to: https://github.com/Goz3rr/SatisfactorySaveEditor, and another simple Google search will teach you how to use it to solve all of the problems you just posted about.

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There's nothing to "fix". The "fixing" is done by the devs when you report a bug. What you're requesting is a "workaround", which has already been unofficially created. The devs are not going to spend time giving you a "workaround" when they're working on "fixes" for the bugs. Again, this is not a completed game. Missing features right now are not indicative of missing features in the future. There is currently a console. Mod support is also in the road map. Please stop comparing one game at an extremely different point of early access to another game at the polar opposite point. I cannot fathom how you spend so much time editing your comments to me when you're requesting that the devs cater to your laziness.
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This is posted in suggestions! Not as a bug!

No one is asking for a "fix", but simply suggesting that an in-game way of adding items would be much appreciated! Not only for balancing eventual glitches but also in the long run.

I'm not saying they should drop whatever they're doing to "fix" this. However consoles are NOT just workarounds, they add values to games like this!

Unreal Engine should by it self make it easy to implement, however I don't know how the game is made, I don't know how hard they've made spawing items in either targeted inventories or on the ground would be.

All I want with my voice is to say that I and others would love for such a feature. I'm sure it's not for everyone, and if turns out such a feature needs lots of time to implement, then now is not the time. But only the devs knows that!

And yes, I edited my comment once to add stuff... And I've never requested the devs to do anything, I've suggested the devs to think about if such a feature would be for the greater good.

I compared the game to Ark, a game that is no longer in early acces yes, but when it was, it had a console! Both created with Unreal Engine! That's a valid comparison if you ask me. Sure they are not created equally, but I'm once again just suggesting a feature!

And before you comment again, I know I said "feature request", that's what it's called! That doesn't mean I request the devs to cater to my laziness??? When have I been lazy in all this?

All it means is that I suggest that the devs think about this feature request. They can outright deny it and say, that'll never happen, they can simply ignore it, they can say we'll think about it later, or they can say it'll come later...

The devs themselves have asked for all this information. So why don't you want us to give it to them?
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I disagree with this suggestion because the devs have better things to do than spend time to create workarounds for bugs when they're busy fixing them. There are unofficial workarounds readily available. I. Don't. Agree. With. You. Get over it. You're spending more time replying to me than I am reading it.
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That's okay. I can get over that. I'm not the one having an issue here, that's you, the narrow minded person incapable of accepting that someone else might want different stuff than you do.

I don't want them to spend lots of time on this either, but I don't know how hard it would be for them, that's why we suggest things. And you don't have to like that, but you have to accept it.

And when you're rude in your comments, you have to expect retaliation!
Thank you for a constructive discussion!
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No, you have an issue accepting that someone doesn't share OPs opinion and vocalized it.
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